Fabago was established in 2016. Fabago aims to fabricate beautiful handmade products from the highest grade of material. whatever the design is, we specialise in creating designs from home users to businesses.

Fabago fabrication team are highly experienced in fabricating designs from any specification. Send us your designs! Our computer animated drawing team (CAD) will render your illustration and then our in house Fab team will be able to

create beautiful bespoke furniture at an affordable price whilst not compromising on quality.


This has lead to Fabago working with multiple designers and businesses across the country. Fabago aims to bring customers ideals and drawings to life and no job is small or big the Fabago  team.


Fabago fabrication  has worked with ?

 H@F Interiors

 Ibis hotels

 Record power Ltd 

 Rubigo Ltd 

Fabago has also worked with many bars/restaurant/clubs/hotels and furniture makers.

Aswell as our one to one clients meeting for design work and faburication needs.